Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Beauty Salon

Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Beauty Salon

Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Beauty Salon

Ready to build a better digital marketing strategy for your salon or spa? Follow our tips and get started being found by more clients online!

Are you working on your salon social media game? Need a strategy that can boost your sales and let you use your POS system for salon effectively? You can spread more awareness about your services if you know how to use social media to your advantage. By using the right digital marketing strategies for beauty salons, you can engage targeted customers and convert them into potential clients. Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become the main medium for customers to get in touch with businesses directly. 

To help you improve your game and stay ahead of your competitors, we have listed some strategies that can help you transform your salon’s digital marketing strategy.

Post Attractive Content for your Potential Customers

Any content on Social media should be interesting and catchy. You can entice your customers with catchy phrases, witty comments, and beautiful vibrant pictures. All this will lead to the customers craving more interaction and communication with your salon social media platforms. You should know your customers and post the content that they will find interesting and engaging. Just keep your brand theme in mind. 

Your posts can be informative, witty, funny or classy, everything works as long as your customers find it good enough to engage with. You can post facts, hairstyles, hair care tips, information or behind the scene photos that your target audience would find appealing. For example, for young and hyped target audiences you should go for posts with a modern feel and touch. If your salon theme is vintage, then you can post pictures and use filters that give a vintage touch to your pictures.

Use Facebook and Instagram as Key Communication Tools

In this era, you will find anyone and everyone on social media. Salon Facebook marketing can be easily used to your advantage as a tool to engage customers. From sharing your hairstyles, nail arts to creating contests, you can use all this to create contests and giveaways It will spread brand awareness and loyalty. You just need to find the perfect medium that works for your salon. You can even take your salon bookings via these platforms along with your salon booking website and apps.

Post your Client Pictures, and Lots of Them

Social media is a visual medium and the best way to concur with this platform is by showcasing your work. You can post pictures of your outlet, stories of your team, your makeovers, part looks, hairstyles, nail art, manicure services, etc. instead of text-only posts. You’ll get more likes and engagement on pictures. You can even tag your customers in your pictures. It will increase the chances of people reposting on their personal profiles. Thus, following the lastest hair salon marketing trends.

Here are some ideas for photos your salon or spa can post on social media:

  • Before and after images of clients
  • Photos of the interior of your salon or spa
  • Photos of your stylists, technicians, estheticians, etc (you can feature a new employee each week)
  • Products or sale items
  • Gift baskets during holidays
  • Quick tutorial videos (how to curl your hair using a flat iron, etc)

Be brand consistent

A great brand is built over time but requires great intention.

From your business name, logo and tagline to your products and services, consistency is key. Be strategic about how you represent your business in all aspects from the moment your customers meet your business online to the moment they walk through your door.

Here are some more quick tips to help with your salon’s digital marketing:

  1. Allow clients to book appointments online. This makes it easy for a consumer who is researching your business to choose your business over the competition. (Who uses a phone to call people anymore, anyway?)
  2. List pricing and services on your website. If you list these in the content of your site, you’ll give those browsing consumers a good idea of how much they are going to pay, and that content can help your local search ranking!
  3. Invest in local search marketing. The salon/spa industries are competitive, so you’ll need to make sure your online presence is squeaky clean.
  4. Try social media advertising. Facebook and Instagram ads with location-specific (and demographic) targeting are a great way to put your salon in front of local consumers who have never heard of your business or are still on the fence about trying you. Pair those ads with a landing page or discount, and you’ll improve your chances of bringing in even more customers.

Offer Exclusive Deals on Social Media Platforms

You should work on the digital marketing strategies for beauty salons by offering exclusive deals for your social media family. Customers tend to like and follow a page more if they feel like they might get something in return. You can put stories with a coupon code on your Instagram and Facebook pages. You can run ads with special codes that target only x number of followers. It will give your users a personalized experience and create a loyal customer base online. When word gets out that a business is offering incentives or discounts for following a page, customers start referring to get exclusive deals. It will help you increase your followers quickly. 


There are many more tips and tricks out there that can help you improve the digital marketing strategies for beauty salon and hence gain customers. You have to test and trial to see what works for you. If used properly social media can act like a powerful tool that can help you gain, retain and engage customers. Moreover, with your own website and app for salon  you can promote your salon business.

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