What Is Branding in Digital Marketing ?

Whenever you type some words in your web browser, hell a lot of options are there to choose from for you. Welcome to the world of the internet, a place where everything from websites to products got a ranking number from the giant search engines like Google and MSN, which describe the position of a specific website or blog in the ranking algorithm of search engines. Every website or blog invites you to click on the link to look on the things for what it is advertising. From there, this website or blog takes you to the specified e-commerce website or blog, well, you entered the world of digital marketing. But, what makes you buy things you have seen on the pretext of great digital marketing, and that is the branding of that particular product or object. Digital Marketing is the unconventional marketing done on digital platforms.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is the art of making curiosity in the mind of buyers to get a thing which they have seen in the advertisements, posters, print media or television. Marketing is not a new concept in the era of consumerism, but it has evolved a lot since the time of its inception in ancient times. Marketing has made itself on the juncture where it is impossible to ignore the marketing aspect for any businessman, whether he is a tycoon or small vendor in a shop.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing consists of all marketing techniques which are used to promote the products of businesses via web pages, social media, and emails. In the era of consumerism, a customer is always confused between what to choose and not to choose. Digital Marketing bridges the gap between products and customers. Digital marketing gets the leads, makes relationships with customers and have the connections to create a brand name a household name.

Digital Marketing is done in many ways, but there are some techniques used to spread the wings all over the internet to promote a brand, and they are:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Moment Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

Just think about this scenario!!! You are lying on your sofa and thinking about buying a new TV and bam, you got your phone in your hand and start searching for the best TV you can get online. It is the magic of digital marketing that a customer receives his/her desired products at once, and business gets its customer at the same time.

But digital marketing can not sustain on its own because it wants something to thrive in the era of cut-throat competition. The pool of billions of websites and blogs, digital marketing needs a bed-rock to stand on it to survive the neck-deep competition and, here comes the branding in the picture.

A product name can become a household name only if it has a strong branding strategy. 

What Is Branding?

Branding is what defines your product, business or platform. Branding is the platform which gives the shape to your idea to make it stand out in the clutter of digital era and grabs the attention of your end customer. Branding is the wand of magic which converts first-time customers into lifetime loyal customers. Branding is the thing you want to make an impact in the market as everyone is in the market is trying to overcome you.

Branding is not just the company name, address, logo or campaigns, but it goes far beyond those things when it comes to taking a brand name to heights of the market. 

Some Factual Data on Digital Marketing

  • Up to 2,000% traffic can be driven by using relatively better content
  • 96% of smartphone traffic comes from the giant Google, yes! you heard it right
  • Better SEO Marketing depends on the relevancy up to 72% digital marketers confirm to this
  • Up to 90% of buyers made up their mind about purchasing a product based on the online search
  • Mostly mid-sized companies rely on Technical Search Engine optimisation to increase search presence
  • About 93% of the traffic from the website is dependent on search engines

Till now, you have known the power of digital marketing among masses. Gone are the days when online searching was the thing of young buyers. Now, the table has been turned entirely, and every age-group is finding its place in the data of search engines from youngsters to old-age customers.

Difference between Digital Marketing and Branding

Digital Marketing and Branding are the two peas in a pod. One complements another and completes it. Without digital marketing, branding can not work out on its own, and without branding, digital marketing can not survive for long. Long story short, both of these aspects should be there to do a successful business. But, there are some differences between both of these which make them more challenging from the perspective of a digital marketer.

Branding is the why, and digital marketing is the how of business model growth in the market.

Branding is more about the long term evolution of a brand, and on the other hand, digital marketing makes a tactical short term plan to thrive a business.

Branding takes the leads from beginning to make them loyal to a particular brand, whereas digital marketing introduces the branding to those leads through different digital platforms.
Branding is perpetual while digital marketing is the first step towards the leads, connections and customers.

Digital marketing and branding are integral aspects of the growth strategy of a business.

Importance of Strong Branding in Digital Marketing

In the market, the customer is treated like God because he is the maker and destroyer of brands. When the buyer is not satisfied with the service of a company, then it does not matter which type of product or service you are providing. Digital marketing can give you leads and one-time buyers but to make them your long-lasting loyal customers entirely depends on a strong branding strategy of your company or business. 

Why are big multinationals spending so much money to make their brand value in the market as they have their big broad customer base already? Of course, to keep that customer base intact or to expand it. 

Every year companies are surveying the mood of the customers by doing significant research just to satisfy the customers to the core of their hearts.
Branding defines the belief system of customers into a brand, a product, a service or a business. A loyal customer never takes things from its long-term brands with a pinch of salt, but he/she buys the thing with confidence. Branding is responsible for that confidence which customer puts into the product. Branding is not just hiring top-class models to present the brand but the impact of its service and trust among masses.

Why is Building a Brand so Important in Digital Marketing ?
Stand out among them with confidence

Just be unique and genuine in your approach; it does not matter if you have big multinational or small mid-sized company. Brand your company in a way, what leaves others behind in a meaningful manner. Develop your belief system to spread your wings to your customers, win their confidence, and they will come to you without a single thought.

Convert Buyers into Loyal Customers

Branding is all about making your first-time buyers into your lifetime customers who just wait for products or services to be launched just like Apple, Samsung, Amazon etc. Whenever a buyer approaches you, just take that opportunity and convert it into your significant lead to make the customer come to you again and again. You have to build that connection between your brand and your customer too deep that customer always comes to you for the service or product.

Earn Recognition from Branding

You owe it to your brand to earn the recognition from our branding strategy. Make your brand so recognisable and distinct that no other brand can outsmart yours in the market. Let us take an example, customers who are sensitive to environmental problems due to consumerism might be interested in buying from an environment-friendly company without thinking of prices of the products. 

How to do Branding in Digital Marketing ?

Designing a sure-shot branding strategy in Digital Marketing is not a walk in the park as it takes hell of amount of research and time. But if it is done in the right manner, then it pays for the long term for your brand and you. Just remember some basic rules of the branding kingdom to outsmart others:

  • Know your customer
  • Know your brand value
  • Know your brand barriers
  • Emphasize on the packaging 
  • Emphasis on the identity of your brand

And last but not least, the wise words from the marketing wizard Seth Godin:
“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”